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WHEN A SERIES OF UNEXPLAINABLE MURDERS SWEEPS NORTHGATE, SHERIFF RUCKSTEAD SEEKS AN UNLIKELY ALLY. The mountain town of Northgate is usually quiet, and the sheriff has little to do other than settle domestic disputes and keep the barflies out of the gutters. Yet, when half a herd of cattle and an entire family are slaughtered in one night-he knows that he is out of his element. He reluctantly asks the woodwitch, Artemisia Corax, for aid. She puts aside their bad history and h

The Little Things (Flash Fiction)

His heart was racing, and his clothes were soaked as he tore through the trees. There was almost no sound as the man’s feet pounded the trail. He had barely been running twenty minutes, but his ear-buds were already slipping from the sweat. It was annoying, but the need to occasionally dry them off helped force Jacob to listen for any unwanted visitors. This park was Jacob’s favorite place to go running, especially right after the sun had set. Everyone else had cleared out, a

Elephant (Flash Fiction)

The creature was massive. Yet even that word was an understatement. The little girl had never seen a beast of the same magnitude as the one that was now staring at her through the bars. She wasn’t afraid though, instead she was delighted. The grey wrinkly hide and the small, sad eyes emanated wisdom, despite belonging to a mere animal. It’s large, saucer-shaped feet kicked up dust storms that swirled around the bottom of the cage. Its shambling gait reminded the girl of how h