The Golden Record (Flash Fiction)

Lightyears from Earth, a group of interstellar travelers sat in the bridge of their ship named the Esplanade. They had been searching for signs of other life for sixteen generations and had turned up empty handed. They had visited two-hundred and ninety-three habitable planets only to find bacteria. Until now. The strange gold disc circled around on the apparatus sent with it. Strange alien voices echoed back to them many times over. “You are certain that these are all greeti

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If you've found our blog, hopefully you are already a fan, but if not now is a great time to start! We are brothers from Pinedale, Wyoming who managed to write one story and drag it into an entire trilogy. Initially we thought Rebellion would be a stand alone title, but we left a few loose ends. We went back to the drawing board and Vengeance was born...more loose ends. We finally ended with Onslaught and luckily had started it before we published Rebellion and Vengeance as a